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The future of flight

Our new company film gives you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the passionate team of visionaries, engineers and dreamers who are at the heartbeat of our pioneering company and the journey to commercialising our technology. Witness the dedication and innovation that fuel our vision to be the world leader in sustainable hypersonic flight technology.

Hypersonix Benefits


Airbreathing scramjet propulsion with no moving parts.


Hydrogen-fueled for higher Mach.


3D printable scramjet engine.


More than 100 ground tests, hypersonic flight proven scramjet.


Boost-glide-power capable hypersonic flyers.

About us

Revolutionising hypersonic technology

Hypersonix is Australia’s leading aerospace engineering, design and build company, specialising in hypersonic technology and scramjet engines.

SPARTAN scramhet
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Reusable technology

Our reusable launch technology and engines provide superior speed, performance and reliability, time and time again.
Icon: powered by green hydrogen

Powered by hydrogen

Hypersonix’s SPARTAN scramjet uses hydrogen as fuel for its high thrust and longer flight times
Icon: Innovative design and engineering

Innovative design and engineering

We’re pioneering world-leading hypersonic technology through sustainable systems and additive engineering.
Icon: Hypersonix's exhaust

Sustainable & Clean

Unlike other launch systems on the market, the SPARTAN scramjet produces only H2O exhaust and can leverage the sustainable benefits of green hydrogen fuel.

Our flight systems

Our scramjet engines and hypersonic vehicles are designed and engineered to disrupt the global market with New Space best practices.



State of the art hydrogen fuelled scramjet technology

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High temperature alloy, SPARTAN powered technology demonstrator and hypersonic test bed

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Reusable multi-mission hypersonic flyer

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Delta Velos

Delta Velos

Next generation high-cadence and reusable access to space launch system

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Hypersonic flight in Australia

Australia has led the way in scramjet airbreathing propulsion research. Hypersonix is now at the forefront of commercialising hypersonic flight.


First successful scramjet flight test. HyShot program launches the first scramjet to produce supersonic combustion.


Ground test of DLR CMC’s at scramjet combustor conditions at NASA. CMC panels undamaged after multiple 45 second tests.


T4 shock tunnel commissioned at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. More than 6,000 scramjet grounds tests conducted since, at real flight conditions.


First flight test of hydrogen-fuelled 3D scramjet: HIFiRE 7.


Ground test of SPARTAN scramjet engine.


First 3D printed fixed geometry scramjet in Australia.


Target first launch DART in Q1 2025.

Meet the team

Meet our dedicated team, the driving force behind our mission to lead the world in sustainable hypersonic flight technology. This diverse group of visionaries, engineers and dreamers is central to our pioneering efforts and the commercialisation of our ground-breaking technology.

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Interested in joining our team?

Join Hypersonix for an exhilarating ride! We seek dynamic individuals who thrive in fast-paced environments, with a can-do attitude and a drive to disrupt the Aerospace industry. With our focus on innovation and meaningful work, we're nearly set to soar.

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