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Kratos US Defense Channel Partner

Hypersonix Launch Systems and Kratos Defense & Security Solutions are partnering to offer the DART hypersonic system in the U.S. This collaboration, using Kratos' Zeus rocket motors, aims to provide a robust, frequent hypersonic capability and set a new benchmark for reliability and affordability in the hypersonic domain.

Exclusive teaming agreement

In a groundbreaking partnership, Hypersonix Launch Systems and Kratos Defense & Security Solutions unveil an exclusive teaming agreement that marks a pivotal moment in the development of hypersonic technology. This alliance brings together Hypersonix's state-of-the-art DART hypersonic system with Kratos’ Zeus family of solid rocket motors to redefine US hypersonic capabilities. Discover how this collaboration will increase the US market's access to unparalleled high-speed aerospace technology and drive significant advances in national security and defence readiness. A future of fast, reliable hypersonic flight is on the horizon.

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