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Charting the future with Hypersonix

With a vision to create the world’s leading hypersonic technology, Hypersonix is soaring into the global aerospace and satellite launch markets.

Our Foundations

The future of flight

With reusable, hydrogen-powered products, revolutionary vision and global partners, our sustainable aerospace technology is set to skyrocket.

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Our vision

Our vision is to be the world leader in sustainable hypersonic flight technology.
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Our mission

To bring New Space best business practices to the application of green and hypersonic systems, that will disrupt the global aerospace sector and respect Earth’s atmosphere.
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Our values

  • Excellence in execution
  • Customer centric focus
  • Innovation
  • Clean, green and sustainable
  • Dedicated, diverse and inclusive team
  • Going above and beyond

Hypersonic flight in Australia

Australia has led the way in scramjet airbreathing propulsion research. Hypersonix is now at the forefront of commercialising hypersonic flight.


First successful scramjet flight test. HyShot program launches the first scramjet to produce supersonic combustion.


Ground test of DLR CMC’s at scramjet combustor conditions at NASA. CMC panels undamaged after multiple 45 second tests.


T4 shock tunnel commissioned at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. More than 6,000 scramjet grounds tests conducted since, at real flight conditions.


First flight test of hydrogen-fuelled 3D scramjet: HIFiRE 7.


Ground test of SPARTAN scramjet engine.


First 3D printed fixed geometry scramjet in Australia.


Target first launch DART in Q1 2025.
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Leadership team

Matt Hill

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Smart

Co-Founder, CTO, Head of Engineering

Emma Taylor

Head of Finance

Andy Mulholland

Head of Commercial and Strategy

Patrick Taylor

Head of Operations

Mandy Stinson

Head of Human Resources

Joe Urli

Head of Regulatory Affairs
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The future

Greener aerospace technology

Hypersonix is Australia’s leading aerospace engineering, design and build company, specialising in hypersonic technology and scramjet engines. Our scramjet engines and hypersonic vehicles are designed and engineered to disrupt the global market with New Space best practices.

Hypersonix’s technology has global applications across the aerospace sector. 70,000 satellites are projected to launch by 2030, with an estimated market worth $19 billion. Rapid growth in the hypersonic technology market predicts a surge from $5.41billion to $12.91billion* by 2031. *BIS Research Global Hypersonic Technology Market Report 2021.

While there are currently over 100 small launch vehicle companies in development internationally, few use green hydrogen as fuel, and none use scramjet technology for small satellite launches. Hypersonix’s flexible approach leverages the best available launch provider for the particular Hypersonix mission profile. This reduces technology risk and time to market, locking in a lower cost structure.

Regulatory Environment

Pushing boundaries

As Hypersonix continues to push the boundaries of hypersonic unmanned aerial vehicles, the need for adaptive rule sets has never been more apparent. Building on the momentum created by their innovative initiatives, the appeal to accelerate working groups dedicated to hypersonic technology regulation is now more urgent than ever.

Following Hypersonix's pioneering efforts to unite and transform regulatory environments around the world, industry leaders and stakeholders agree that the time to act is now. Hypersonic drones, which are poised to revolutionise aerospace, defence, and other industries, have enormous potential to reinvent everything from freight delivery to emergency response, surveillance, transportation, and satellite launches. However, the antiquated regulatory structures in place today threaten to limit their full potential.

Joe Urli, Head of Regulatory Affairs at Hypersonix Launch Systems, is at the vanguard of this campaign, with an extensive expertise in aviation regulatory reforms. He is a firm supporter for changing rules to match the rapid advancement of hypersonic aircraft technology. Joe emphasises the crucial necessity for more dialogue and workshops around streamlined regulatory and integrated air traffic control systems that address hypersonic operations.

The importance of accelerating regulatory working groups is not limited to Australia alone. Global interest in hypersonic technology is growing, with industry players receiving orders from major carriers such as American carriers, United Airlines, and Virgin Atlantic. With hypersonic passenger travel expected to become a reality in the 2030s, the importance of developing comprehensive regulatory frameworks cannot be stressed enough.

In light of these changes, Hypersonix emphasises the importance of adaptive reforms, infrastructure development, and standardised norms in realising the transformational potential of hypersonic technology. This concept is centred on the formation of specialised regulatory teams in conjunction with governments and industry professionals, dedicated to harmonising practical rule sets and standards.

It's critical to expedite regulatory working groups now more than ever, since Hypersonix leads important activities in the field of hypersonic technology. We can create a future where the revolutionary potential of hypersonic technology is limitless by taking advantage of this chance to match regulatory frameworks with technological breakthroughs.

Industry recognition


  • Top 50 Innovator Award 2023
AU Manufacturing Australia’s 50 Most
Innovative Manufacturers
  • AmCham Space Award 2022
AmCham Alliance Awards
  • Engineering Business of the Year 2023
Australia Space Awards
  • Aerospace Business of the Year 2022
Australian Defence Industry Awards
  • Space & Defence Award 2023
Australian Technologies Competition
  • 1941 Early-stage National Security Showcase
Bondi Partners
  • Consensus Innovation Award 2023
Consensus Innovation Awards
  • Technology Application of the Year 2022
  • Manufacturer of the Year 2022
Endeavour Awards
  • Outstanding Start-up of the Year 2023
Endeavour Awards
  • SME Innovation Award 2023
  • National Innovation Award 2023
Indo Pacific Innovation Awards

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