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Defense Innovation Unit HyCAT

Hypersonic and High-Cadence Airborne Testing Capabilities

Defense Innovation Unit

Hypersonix is building and flying three DART hypersonic aircraft for US Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) commencing 2024.  The Hypersonic & High-Cadence Airborne Testing Capabilities (HYCAT) program will provide DIU with valuable flight test data to inform future hypersonic programs.

Rocket Lab

Rocket Lab is Hypersonix's first launch partner.  The Rocket Lab HASTE launch vehicle will boost the DART hypersonic flyer to flight conditions for the DIU HYCAT program.

Fenix Aerospace

Fenix Aerospace is Hypersonix's second launch partner on the DIU HyCAT program.  Fenix's unique towed-boost launch system will provide a runway take-off solution for taking DART to flight conditions.

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