With a vision to create the world’s leading
hypersonic technology, Hypersonix is soaring into
the global aerospace and satellite launch markets.

To create the world’s leading sustainable hypersonic technology that fundamentally disrupts the way we fly to space and around the world.

To bring New Space best business practices to the application of green and hypersonic systems, that will disrupt the global aerospace sector and respect Earth’s atmosphere.

  • Excellence in execution
  • Customer centric focus
  • Innovation
  • Clean, green and sustainable
  • Dedicated, diverse and inclusive team
  • Going above and beyond

T4 Shock Tunnel commissioned. More than 6,000 scramjet ground tests conducted as real flight conditions.

First successful scramjet flight test. HyShot program launches the first scramjet to produce supersonic combustion.

Ground test of DLR CMC’s at scramjet combustor conditions at NASA. CMC panels undamaged after multiple 45 second tests.

First flight test of hydrogen-fuelled 3D scramjet: HIFiRE 7.

Ground test of SPARTAN scramjet engine.

First 3D printed fixed geometry scramjet in Australia.

Target first launch DART AE.

Chief Executive Officer

Matt Hill

Matt creates commercial, operational, and financial strategies that transform businesses, drive growth, deliveries projects and accelerates commercial success. With extensive experience across the technology, digital, deep tech, entertainment, marketing tech and finance and banking sectors, he leads business transformations, delivery of exits, and commercial turnarounds that increase revenue, builds teams, optimise structure, streamline operations, and increase productivity. Matt also brings strong experience in financial leadership and management, with a proven ability to oversee financial strategy, revenue and profitability, transactional management, compliance, and reporting.


Michael Smart

A world leader in scramjet technology, Michael Smart spent 10 years as a Research Scientist at the NASA Langley Research Center: Scramjet Branch. A pioneer in scramjet engine and hypersonic vehicle design, Michael was awarded Australia’s top scholar in his field of Aviation & Aerospace Engineering in 2020. Michael is the vehicle and technology architect of DART AE, Delta Velos, Delta Velos Orbiter and the Wirraway satellite launch system — all products in the exciting rollout portfolio of Hypersonix. He was also a senior member of the HIFiRE management team, which flew seven hypersonic payloads from 2007-2017. Michael is a research field leader in aviation and aerospace engineering.

chief commercial officer

Robert Drolet

Robert Drolet joined Hypersonix full-time in 2022 after 36 years of experience as Senior Executive with major entrepreneurial listed corporates based in the US, Europe and the Middle East, and a year on the Company’s Advisory Board. He has managed several companies as CEO, and negotiated joint ventures, led M&A transactions, developed strategy and implemented corporate development, major commercial contracts and outsources, restructures and turnarounds on four continents. He is on the roll of the Quebec Bar and a Solicitor (England and Wales).

Hypersonix is Australia’s leading aerospace engineering, design and build company, specialising in hypersonic technology and scramjet engines. Our scramjet engines and hypersonic vehicles are designed and engineered to disrupt the global market with New Space best practices. Hypersonix is leading the world in green scramjet engines and hypersonic aerospace design and engineering.
Hypersonix’s technology has global applications across the aerospace sector. Fifty thousand small satellites are projected to launch by 2030, with an estimated market worth $19 billion. Rapid growth in the hypersonic technology market predicts a surge from $5.41billion to $12.91billion* by 2031. *BIS Research Global Hypersonic Technology Market Report 2021.
While there are currently over 100 small launch vehicle companies in development internationally, few use green hydrogen as fuel, and none use scramjet technology for small satellite launches. Hypersonix’s “plug-n-play” approach leverages the best available launch provider for the particular Hypersonix mission profile. This reduces technology risk and time to market, locking in a lower cost structure.

    Space Industry Association of Australia

    American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Engineers Australia

    British Australian Chamber of Commerce

    German Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, AHK (Australische Handelskammer)

    2022 Australian Defence Industry Awards:

    • Aerospace Business of the Year

    2022 AmCham Alliance:

    • AmCham space award

    2022 Endeavour Awards:

    • Technology Application of the Year
    • Manufacturer of the Year

    2021 Australian Space Awards Finalist

    • Engineer of the Year
    • Executive of the Year
    • Innovator of the Year – Company
    • Innovator of the Year – Individual
    • Start-up of the Year

    2021 InnovationAus Finalist

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